Cress Coach

After a career as a chef Eric Miete dived into the world of cress and specialties. Today he is a culinary consultant and promoter at Koppert Cress and promotes the assortment of products in the Benelux.

Because of many questions, reactions and dialogues on the Twitter platform with @ericmiete and @koppertcress we are connecting Eric's passion and the questions he receives.

Ask a question on Twitter with the hashtag #cresscoach and Eric will give you an answer.

Cress and specialties are often used for decoration purposes, however, there are so many more options. All products in the Collection are selected for their tasteful charasteristics as well. These are brought to the surface when eaten 'as-is', but a number of techniques use them in different ways. We present to you a variety of examples on how to make even better use of the special charasteristics of the cress and specialties.

Decorate Creme Hollandaise Herbal Oil Mayonaise
Decorate Créme Hollandaise Herbal oil Mayonaise
Sirup Tea Salt Juicing
Pesto Sirup Tea Salt Juicing Wheat Grass
Mix Wheat Grass
Jus d'Orange
Oyster Experience